How we work, flexible, scalable and low-risk

In order for your business to succeed, you need to work with people who can represent your sales & marketing activities with credibility and maturity. Creating compelling messages and an impression consistent with your brand and values.

It’s in both our interests to present a credible image of your company and your solutions, which needs to be done with gravitas, professionalism and maturity, together with complete personal integrity.

We expect to be able to represent you as one of your people… we’re just not on a permanent or full-time employment contract.

But, guess what? That makes both of us really focussed to deliver success.

Here are the options:
  • Quarterly contract of X (e.g.5) days per month, with KPIs and reviews.
  • Fixed duration project (e.g. marketing campaign management).
  • An annual retainer, which can be flexible and scalable.

Or other methods, we are flexible, so how do you want it to work?

Our values:

We are committed to your brand, and need to feel a connection with your business in order to do our best. We won’t take on work unless we feel we can add real value to your business. And when it comes to communicating with your customers, honesty & ethics together with the best interests of the customer will always take priority over all else.

We value honesty, hard work, talent and fairness, and we extend our trust to those who hold the same values.

Origin of our name:

Velo is a play on words, originally we stumbled across it whilst playing with the word development from business development, but as we like bikes as well, we just had to keep it.

Cumen comes from the word acumen, which is what we strive for in all of our work.
(Acumen / noun: the ability to make good judgements and take quick decisions)

How We Work / Business Development
Business Development

Customer profiling, prospecting, compelling sales presentations, sales management, sales team recruitment, account development, channel management & representation at exhibitions, conferences & seminars


How We Work / Marketing Communications
Marketing Communications

Creating a marketing message and delivery, that is aligned to your business and profiled customers. Content creation, press releases, copy writing, social media activity and a ‘call to action’ for your prospects


How We Work / Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning

Understanding your business model and vision, together with how the uniqueness of your product / service will create value for your customers. Then creating a strategic plan joining-up sales & marketing to help you achieve your goals