About us and our business development & marketing services

Velocumen, was founded in January 2018, so we’re a start-up, but not an up-start. We’re focused about the types of businesses we can work with, and the type of markets we can help you get to.

Ian Clarke (above) is the man behind Velocumen, Ian is a passionate businessman and an equally passionate competitive cyclist. He has nearly 30 years of sales and marketing management experience, success and the occasional failure. If you want to take advantage of his experience and passion, then we’d love you to get in touch.

Tel: 07775 846603
Email: ianc@velocumen.com

Velocumen is a business to business, business development business and we are in

Technology sectors; IoT, automation, process controls, industrial computing & instrumentation…

If you can fit your business in one of these fields, there’s a good chance we can help you.

Velocumen have had success in all these sectors, for SMEs and major global businesses. B2B sales & marketing, to end-customers, OEMs, integrators & consultants, direct sales and also developing distribution channels to suit, UK, Europe and ROW.

You know that sales and marketing is an expensive game, recruitment, marketing costs, sales team expenses, and once you’ve opened the tap, it’s hard to turn it off…

You’ve always got the hope that new business is just around the corner, but you’ve also the fear that the last 2 years of expense has been wasted.

What if you could make it scalable?
Then you could turn it off and on, to suit business demands, campaigns and projects…

doesn’t that sound better?

Then all you need is someone who understands your business, your customers, your products and services, and can deliver that message to your market, and help grow your business…