How to turn people ‘right off’ using LinkedIn for prospecting

As I’ve grown the business – Velocumen, my online presence has slowly grown too. To explain, I use LinkedIn extensively. to network, to research businesses and to reach

Headwind & uphill there, tailwind & downhill home

Today I decided to have a little spin on the bike before work, I didn’t have many meetings scheduled, so thought I’d be home by 9:30. But as I pushed into the wind, and

Why factories struggle with the first steps in digital transformation

And six things you should be doing from today Far too many factories struggle with embarking on a digital transformation journey, because connecting to existing machines isn&#8217

Velocumen Limited – Ian Clarke now a DISC accredited practitioner

To support our clients’ staff development and team working, Velocumen decided that the DISC methodology of behavioural profiling would be a useful tool. To achieve this it wa

Finding email addresses for B2B contacts, now easy with

Finding email addresses for B2B contacts, now easy with

I work with clients who need to get their solutions and services in front of the right people in the right markets, with the most compelling message. This is a great and useful art