Today I decided to have a little spin on the bike before work, I didn’t have many meetings scheduled, so thought I’d be home by 9:30.

But as I pushed into the wind, and up the hills of Nottinghamshire’s Robin Hood Country, and Sherwood Forest, I decided that the further I went, the harder it was, the more enjoyable the ride home would be. So, with a slowly warming sun and the the beauty of Clumber Park, I thought I’d go a little further, and then I thought, what the heck, another 10 miles and I’ll be at InControl’s new offices. Sure, it was uphill headwind all the way, but the thought of a cup of tea and a tailwind home, gave me an incentive.

And then it hit me, cycling like many sports is a lot like business, you’ve got to put the effort in, even when it’s not comfortable, even when the hills and the winds of business are trying to stop you in your tracks.

So after 26 miles I arrive at InControl’s offices, greeted by smiley faces, a cuppa and some of Ehsan’s birthday cake in the fridge. Simple pleasures and the fuel I needed for a blast home. And wow, that downhill tailwind section from Clowne to Clumber was well worth the slog to get to Barlborough.