To support our clients’ staff development and team working, Velocumen decided that the DISC methodology of behavioural profiling would be a useful tool.

To achieve this it was necessary for our Managing Director – Ian Clarke to become trained as an accredited practitioner in DISC. Having used DISC profiles in the past from a number of publishers, we liked the style of reports provided by TTI Success Insights, and what’s more they were the first publisher to computerise the reports back in 1984. That sounds like a long time ago, but the science of DISC goes the ancient Greeks 400BC, and 100 years ago Carl Jung first studied these psychological profiles.

There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, in these profiles. We all have natural behaviours and we all adapt our behaviour depending on the people we are with and the environment we are in. Understanding how we behave and adapt our behaviour can help us perform better in many environments, and help us understand how to best deal with colleagues, team mates, customers, suppliers and even friends and family.